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We collect waste from hotels, office parks, restaurants, rail stations and buildings that do not pose hazardous danger to our team. Our team is trained to only remove dry and wet general waste and therefore do not handle hazardous waste.

We also provide waste disposal for garden refuse, building rubble and general waste. Should clients require skips for their own use, these can be made available.

Waste Collection

We strive to provide a great waste removal service in the most practical way; thus the use of smaller trucks to avoid damaging the paving or concrete grounds at your premises. This allows us the flexibility to manoeuvre basements that are within the recommended height.

We provide a comprehensive waste management service; our team of trained professionals collect the refuse at your premises at the agreed upon scheduled time and proceeds to sort the collected waste if it has not been sorted, we are dedicated to decreasing landfill contributions which is why we separate recyclables and general waste to ensure that only general waste is sent to the landfill. Our team is trained to provide the best waste collection and removal service at all times.

Recycling of Recyclable Material

We aim to make the waste management systems as simple and efficient as possible by supplying your premises with color coded and appropriately marked recycling bins as a part of the packages we provide.

These are placed at designated areas around your premises and collected at a frequency that is required by you; we have daily, weekly or monthly bin collection options.

We offer cages, compactors or skips; these are provided upon request by our clients in meeting our clients site specific needs.

On-site Sorting

We are able to allocate our trained staff to provide an onsite service at your premises upon request, they sort your recyclables from your general waste. We do this in order to achieve our goal of contributing to environmentally friendly practices by ensuring that only non-recyclable waste is taken to the landfills.

This onsite service can be provided on a daily basis and the benefit is that your employees get to fulfill their work obligations while we take care of the of the waste management in your premises. 

Management of Waste

We provide professional reports of disposed waste material on a monthly basis, these reports inform on what waste was disposed of and which materials were recycled.

We comply with environmentally friendly practices and submit our data to regulatory bodies in the waste management industry. We have partnered with the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA) and ensure that we keep abreast with current waste management needs and requirements.

Waste management is an endless journey that needs all stakeholders to be active participants in order to make it work. The best way to ensure that the journey is seamless is through partnering with a waste management company that is dedicated to providing excellent service and understanding your needs. No Waste Management is committed to “Doing It Right” and the ideal partnership to have to keep your premises in a pristine condition while preserving the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we recycle?

Paper, plastic, metal, glass and some hazardous items e.g. batteries or flourescent tubes.

How quickly can you start?

We are able to assist clients on urgent basis within a day or the following day.

Do you do garden rubble?

We collect garden branches, leaves, and any discarded rubble.

Which areas do you cover?

We cover areas such as Sandton, East Rand (e.g. Edenvale), Johannesburg, Midrand, West Rand (e.g Krugersdorp) and the South of Johannesburg)

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