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recycle waste
May 02, 2019

What can be Recycled

Not all waste material are recyclable at the moment in South Africa, but technology is being advanced in such a way that many types of waste materials are being accepted at the moment for recycling and some of the types of recyclable materials are listed herein below. White Paper Newspaper Magazines Cardboard boxes Clear Plastic

sorting waste
March 19, 2019

Sorting at the source

The importance of sorting at source. The source means the first point of discarding of the waste material. For example if you are a worker in a restaurant do not combine both bottles, paper and food items into one dustbin, but be conscious and have a mindset change to know that there are different types

March 19, 2019

Why Recycle

For many years warning signs have been given that households as well as Commercial business should recycle the waste so as to prevent all general and wet waste landing up in the landfills. Some households and business have made the effort to heed to this request, however many have not and this is leading to